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Mobotix D15/D16 Dual 6MP home automation IP dome camera.

    Mobotix D15 & D16 Dual 6MP Moonlight Technology outdoor/indoor home automation IP dome cameras.

With two independently directed camera sensors in a single dome, integrated PIR movement sensor, audio speaker and mic, the high-end German Mobotix D15 camera (actually a complete video system) provides uniquely flexible surveillance for your automated home.
Mobotix D15 Dual 6MP sensor IP dome camera datasheet (1.09MB pdf)

  • Unique flexibility arises from the Mobotix D15 IP camera's ability to use two high quality 6MP sensors:
    - Pointed in the same, in opposite, or other directions to best suit each location.
    - With high sensitivity colour, IR illumination sensitive B&W, or both camera sensor types.
    - With hemispherix, wide and/or telephoto lenses.
    See two popular examples below:

  • Mobotix D15 Dual panoramic combined image 6MP IP dome camera with audio speaker, mic, and PIR datasheet (1.09MB pdf)

  • View and record a 180 degree wide 12MP panarama from a single Mobotix D15 dual 6MP IP camera that joins and presents together the images from two 90° HD Premium Lens 6MP camera sensors pointing 90° appart. Other Mobotix home automation camera models with a single hemispheric lens can provide a panoramic view more economically when people need to be identified within a few meters of the camera. However, a Mobotix D15 dual 6MP IP camera in panoramic configuration allows more than twice as many pixels to be used, supporting greater digital zooming, and better identification at longer distances. Hence, the Mobotix D15 dual 6MP IP camera is ideal in automated homes where people or vehicles further from the camera need to be identified while covering a panoramic view.

  • Mobotix D15 Dual zoom and wide combined image 6MP IP dome camera with audio speaker, mic, and PIR datasheet (1.09MB pdf)

  • View and record a whole room in 6MP overview, and with a 6MP zoomed-in view of an entry area, from a single Mobotix D15 IP camera that presents both 6MP views simultaneously, with no loss of resolution in either view, and with no moving optical components (for long trouble-free camera lifetime).

  • Class-leading 6MP Moonlight Technology image and value. Mobotix 6MP Moonlight Technology combines two large high quality image sensors, premium quality lenses, sensor processing and unique MxPEG image compression to deliver class-leading detail in individual video frames. This allows the Mobotix D15 home automation IP camera to better identify moving objects (usually people, or vehicles), even at low light levels, outdoors or indoors.
  • Mobotix D15 Dual 6MP Moonlight Technology sensor home automation IP camera datasheet (1.09MB pdf)

  • Two way audio communication with your new Mobotix D15 home automation camera is supported by using an integrated high sensitivity microphone and surprisingly powerful speaker. An integrated PIR movement detector provides more reliable movement detection than optical detection alone, and potentially supports other useful home automation or security system responses.
  • Mobotix D15 Dual 6MP IP dome camera with audio speaker, mic, and PIR datasheet (1.09MB pdf)

  • On-wall mounting of your Mobotix D15 home automation camera is supported by using an optional MX-WH-Dome Outdoor Wall Mount, which also increases the weather protection class of your Mobotix D15 from IP54 to IP65 (fully dustproof and resistant to water jets).
  • Mobotix D15 dome dual IP camera and on-wall mount installation and user manual (5.96MB pdf)

  • Enjoy free Award-Winning Mobotix MxActivitySensor movement detection that is so dramatically improved from the basic movement detection used by other IP cameras that it may be used in practise to more reliably detect and trigger security, surveillance, and home automation responses. MxActivitySensor directionally-selective movement detection is performed completely within your under-ceiling Mobotix D15 home automation IP camera. The Mobotix MxActivitySensor won Benchmark Magazine's prestigious Innovation Award for Best Perimeter Security System 2014, and may also be used to more reliably detect motion indoors.
  • Mobotix MxActivitySensor compact guide (1.26MB pdf)

  • Free Mobotix iPad/iPhone App provides a premium quality user interface to your Mobotix D15 IP camera and other Mobotix home automation IP cameras for your Apple mobile phones and Internet tablets.
  • Go to Free Mobotix iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch App page.

  • View live or recorded video and audio, and conduct two-way audio conversations with your Mobotix D15 IP camera and other Mobotix home automation IP cameras on the new Mobotix MxDisplay touch screen, or on your computers using Free MxSoftPanel software.
  • New FREE Mobotix MxSoftPanel home automation PC and Mac software released.

  • Free MxManagementCenter professional video management software for monitoring, configuring and controlling as many Mobotix home automation IP cameras and door stations as you like.
  • Free Mobotix MxManagementCenter Software for Mobotix home automation IP cameras

  • The new Mx6 Series Version of the D15 home automation camera is now also available in the form of the Mobotix D16 6MP home automation IP camera. The D16 home automation camera looks the same from the outside, but uses a more powerful dual-core CPU to deliver up to twice as many images per second at the same resolution, or to support additional in-camera software for applications like license plate capture, for example. The new Mobotix D16 also supports an integrated H.264 encoder and follows the ONVIF standard for video transmission and camera integration, which may simplify integration of Mobotix home automation cameras in some larger system implementations though it also still supports the unique Mobotix MxPEG codec which remains a superior compression format for storing clearer individual frames for surveillance applications. An MxBus interface is not currently supported on the Mobotix Mx6 Series cameras, but is expected to be supported on future hardware versions.

  • Home automation system integration support via two-way IP communication with the Wiser home controller, C-Bus 6.4" touch screen, or the integriti security panel. An optional Mobotix MX-232-IO-Box RS232 IO Box may also be connected to your Mobotix D15 IP camera enclosure to provide two inputs, two outputs, and an RS232 serial interface, for hardwired home automation integration directly with your Mobotix D15 IP camera.

  • Available in Australia from Clever Home with Australian warranty support. A premium quality device like the Mobotix D15 home automation camera is capable of being configured in a wide range of ways, and should be programmed and fine-tuned by someone trained and experienced. As with other high quality home automation components, you may enjoy greater value by asking a Clever Home automation Engineer to professionally design and program your under-ceiling or on-wall Mobotix D15 IP camera - either as a superb quality standalone home surveillance system, or as an integrated part of a larger home automation solution.

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Mobotix D16 dual 6MP IP camera data sheet
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