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Mobotix S15/S16 dual FlexMount home automation IP camera.

Discreet, flexible, hemispheric . . . The Mobotix S15/S16 is a automated home owner's dream IP camera.

With extensive home automation integration capability when designed and programmed by you Clever Home Engineer, the Mobotix S15 flexmount IP camera is ideal for automated homes. Weatherproof for outdoor or indoor use, without requiring any additional heating or cooling. Choose white or black mini dome IP camera sensors and a range of S15 camera sensor and speaker mounts to enhance any home décor.
View Mobotix S15 dual mini dome home automation IP camera brochure (5.00MB pdf)
Looking great in your automated home is just the beginning:
  • Superior image quality.
    Mobotix IP cameras are engineered to provide superior quality video, and clearer sharper still images. New 6MP Moonlight Technology (or older 5MP) colour image sensors in the Mobotix S15 home automation camera support new higher levels of image quality, digital zoom capability, and low light sensitivity. For even greater low-light sensitivity and IR illuminated applications 6MP (or older 5MP) B&W sensors are available. You may even use the Mobotix S15 Thermal camera sensor to view in total darkness.
         Choose one or two image sensors in each single Mobotix S15 IP camera, each sensor having many lense options including hemispheric. The S15 also features new improved image pre-processing to deliver frame rates of up to 30 per second while consuming very little power and requiring no additional cooling. home automation surveillance has never looked so good.

  • View Mobotix S15 dual 360 degree digital PTZ mini dome IP camera video (12.3MB ogg)

  • Class-leading 6MP Moonlight Technology image quality and low light sensitivity. Mobotix 6MP Moonlight Technology combines large high quality image sensors, premium quality lenses, sensor processing and unique MxPEG image compression to deliver class-leading detail in individual video frames. This allows the Mobotix S15 home automation camera to better identify moving people or vehicles at low light levels.

  • Mobotix S15 6MP Moonlight Technology home automation IP camera brochure (5.00MB pdf)

  • See, record, and detect movement, in complete darkness, shadows, smoke, or behind bushes, using a Mobotix S15 Thermal camera sensor.
         The single most important specification for a thermal camera sensor is its ability to capture the smallest differences in temperature, and to produce an image that displays these small temperature differences in different colours. The sensitivity of a thermal sensor is expressed as the NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) and measured in milli Kelvin degrees. Mobotix Thermal camera sensors have an NETD of 50 mK, placing them in the top range of thermal cameras currently available for general use.

  • View Mobotix S15 dual home automation Thermal IP camera brochure (519KB pdf)

  • Single compact camera S15 version.
    The most compact of the three S15 configurations is the Mobotix S15M (Mono) home automation IP camera version in which the mini dome camera sensor is mounted within its base module. This compact S15M may be mounted on cladding up to 6.4mm thick, with only the small dome camera sensor visible, and the base module aethetically out of view and securely hidden. With the S15M mini dome camera sensor having a panoramic 360 degree fish-eye lens and 6 Megapixel resolution, a single Mobotix S15M home automation IP camera may replace multiple IP cameras from other companies, and provide a unified view without any blinds spots. A new AudioMount option makes it easy to aesthetically mount a Mobotix S15M and a speaker and call button behind a custom stainless steel plate without any visible screws, and support high-end video intercom functionality similar to that of the Mobotix T25 door station.

  • View Mobotix S15 AudioMount quick install guide (769KB pdf)

  • Single FlexMount camera S15 version.
    Alternatively, the Mobotix S15D home automation IP camera is also available with the dome camera sensor separated from the base module by a flexible 3m cable. This configuration allows the tiny S15 camera sensor to be installed in locations where little space is available, or behind panels up to 3m thick by adding optional 40mm panel extensions. A 15 degree angle wedge is also supplied to make better use of the S15 camera's panoramic field of view when mounted above eye height on a wall inside or outside your automated home. A new down-light style HaloMount option is also available (see below). The compact Mobotix S15D home automation IP camera mini dome sensor modules may also be mounted directly on a custom stainless steel plate with a door bell call button (and the S15 core securely located up to 3m away) to provide high-end video intercom door station functionality similar to that of the Mobotix T25 door station.

  • Dual FlexMount cameras S15 version.
    The Mobotix S15D (dual) home automation IP camera version supports TWO 6MP Moonlight Technology mini dome camera sensors up to 3m from one shared securely-hidden base module (or two older 5MP sensors up to 2m away), allowing you to:
    a) Cover two adjacent rooms or areas, or
    b) Cover two perspectives, or
    c) Enjoy optimised day and night surveillance with clever automated coordination between the two.

  • View Mobotix S15 dual 360 degree digital PTZ mini dome IP camera video (12.3MB ogg)

  • Many mounting options, inside or outside your automated home.
    The Mobotix S15 home automation camera mini dome sensors and the base station are both weatherproof IP65 rated, so you may monitor outside areas or moist inside rooms using them. The Mobotix S15 camera sensor modules may be mounted directly into your home's walls or ceilings, with or without a 15 degree fixed angle wedge kit, for a highly unobtrusive installation in modern automated homes.
         Alternatively, you may also mount individual S15 camera sensors in the attractive and adjustable in-ceiling Mobotix HaloMount, or the versatile on-wall/ceiling Mobotix PTMount. To co-locate two Mobotix S15 camera sensors in the same on-ceiling surface mounting enclosure, you may use the Mobotix SurroundMount for two opposing S15 sensors, or the Mobotix DualMount for two different types of S15 sensors facing in the same direction. More details are below.

  • View Mobotix HaloMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (547KB pdf)View Mobotix HaloMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (547KB pdf)

    High quality metal Mobotix HaloMounts (above) allow down-light sized in-wall or in-ceiling installation of your Mobotix S15D home automation cameras inside your home, and allow you to tilt your S15 camera sensor modules by up to 20 degrees. Mobotix HaloMounts are available in white, black, chrome, matt chrome, and brushed nickel finishes to match any home décor.

    View Mobotix PTMount for surface-mounting individual S15 mini dome IP cameras product announcement (499KB pdf)

    Cover whatever direction and angle you like using the surface-mounting on-ceiling/wall PTMount option (above). The Mobotix PTMount compactly encloses a single Mobotix S15 camera sensor, and provides three degrees of movement for highly flexible camera adjustment: 360 degrees about the PTMount base, 360 degrees rotation of the S15 5MP or 6MP sensor itself (for horizon adjustment when mounting on angled walls or ceilings), and tilt adjustment from -10 to +90 degrees. The Mobotix PTMount also conceals all cabling, and provides a tough compact IP66 rated enclosure suitable for -30 to +60 degree C temperature ranges. A weatherproof (IP65) PTMount-Thermal with pre-installed Mobotix L43, L65 or L135 thermal sensor module is also available.

    View Mobotix SurroundMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (816KB pdf)View Mobotix SurroundMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (816KB pdf)

    Cover your automated home's long narrow hallways or external pathways and lanes without blind spots using the Mobotix SurroundMount option (above). The SurroundMount angles both of your Mobotix S15 home automation camera sensors downwards by 25 degrees, conceals all cabling, and provides a tough compact IP65 rated surface mounted enclosure suitable for -30 to +60 degree C temperature ranges.

    View Mobotix DualMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (830KB pdf)View Mobotix DualMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (830KB pdf)

    For optimal surveillance of inside or outside your home day and night, consider the Mobotix DualMount option (above). The DualMount provides compact surface mounted parallel alignment of a day and a night Mobotix S15 camera sensor, both angled down 25 degrees, conceals all cabling, and provides a tough compact IP65 rated enclosure suitable for -30 to +60 degree C temperature ranges.

  • Recorded lip-sync audio.
    Each Mobotix S15 home automation camera mini dome sensor includes a sensitive microphone and supports the ability to record lip-sync audio along with up to 6MP video. Alternatively, if you need to ensure that audio is never recorded for privacy reasons, the S15 sensor's microphone may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

  • Two-way handsfree conversations.
    The Mobotix S15 home automation camera base station may directly drive a discrete flush-mount speaker, and you may conduct two-way conversations from the new touch screen Mobotix MxDisplay, or on your computers using Free MxSoftPanel software or MxManagementCenter software, or on your smart phones or Internet tablets using the official Mobotix iPad/iPhone App or SIP call Apps.

  • Down-light sized speakers.
    High quality metal Mobotix SpeakerMounts allow downlight-sized in-wall or in-ceiling installation of speakers designed specifically to be driven directly by your Mobotix S15 IP cameras inside your home, and allow you to tilt your S15 speaker by up to 20 degrees. Available in white or matt chrome. If you need a sealed speaker instead for use outside or in smokey or humid environments, consider the Krix Holographix downlight sized speaker.

  • View Mobotix SpeakerMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (391KB pdf)View Mobotix SpeakerMount for S15/S14 mini dome IP cameras quick install guide (391KB pdf)

  • Vandal resistant.
    Weatherproof Mobotix S15 home automation cameras are extremely tough, thanks to the rugged low-visibility mini dome camera modules, hidden base module and connectors, high build quality, and the absence of any moving parts. These home automation surveillance cameras typically remain fully operational after even strong vibration.

  • PIR (Passive Infra-Red) movement detection.
    The Mobotix MultiSense PIR (and illumination, temperature, and sound) detector module can detect movement in complete darkness, activate lights (or other responses) via your integrated Clever Home automation system, and trigger recording in one or more Mobotix cameras or Mobotix door stations. The Mobotix MultiSense module is available in indoor or outdoor weatherproof versions, and with the same form factor as a Mobotix S15 camera sensor may be mounted in any of the S15 mounts and housings. It is simply connected to the nearest Mobotix Camera or door station via a local MxBus 2 wire connection of up to 50m in length.

  • Mobotix MultiSense PIR, illumination, temperature & sound sensor for Mobotix home automation cameras quick install guide (794kB pdf)

  • Free Award-Winning MxActivitySensor optical movement detection.
    Mobotix MxActivitySensor is a unique directionally-selective movement detection capability that is included and implemented at no extra cost in the firmware of each individual Mobotix S15 home automation IP camera. MxActivitySensor is so dramatically improved from the basic movement detection used by other IP cameras that it may be used in many situations to more reliably detect and trigger security, surveillance, and home automation responses. The Mobotix MxActivitySensor won Benchmark Magazine's prestigious Innovation Award for Best Perimeter Security System 2014. From 2017 the new MxActivitySensor 2.0 was released for free. In addition to detecting motion in certain directions and predefined areas, MxActivitySensor 2.0 may also differentiate objects depending on their size and perspective in hemispheric S15 cameras mounted in a slightly elevated position and angled down 15°, helping further reduce false alarms caused by birds and small animals.

  • Exceptional low light sensitivity from your Mobotix S15 home automation IP cameras is made possible using advanced MxLEO hardware processing. MxLEO is a new exposure and image optimization program exclusively developed by MOBOTIX for their colour and B/W home automation camera sensors.

  • View Mobotix S15 dual mini dome home automation IP camera brochure (5.00MB pdf)

  • Notifications.
    Shocks to the Mobotix S15 home automation camera dome camera sensors, sounds above a programmable level, sophisticated image movement analysis including MxActivitySensor performed within the S15 camera base module, or home automation integrated inputs, may trigger:
    a) Notification to you over the Internet directly from the camera.
    b) Audio and video recording of offenders.
    c) Notifications to a third party security system that notifies you and/or a security monitoring center.
    d) Local visual indication via programmable LED indicators on the tiny S15 camera dome sensors.
    e) Local audio announcements or sounds via a surprisingly loud and clear external speaker driven directly by the S15 base module.

  • Home automation integration.
    A Clever Home automation Engineer may integrate your Mobotix S15 IP cameras with your home automation system using locally hardwired Mobotix CamIO and ExtIO modules, or two-way IP communication with IP-supporting devices like the Wiser home automation controller or the C-Bus 6.4" touch screen home automation controller, or C-Bus integrated integriti security panels to:
    a) Automatically record during security entry and alarm events.
    b) Manually record anytime from your home automation wall switches, touch screens and Wiser mobile device apps.
    c) Detect sounds above a programmable preset level using the Mobotix S15 IP camera's inbuilt microphone, to automatically trigger recording, and also activate nearby C-Bus lighting if it is dark.
    d) View live and recorded event images of your home, control digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), and invoke custom exposure areas for each PTZ view - all from your C-Bus 6.4" touch screen home automation controller. You may also view and control your Mobotix home automation IP cameras from the new Mobotix MxDisplay.

  • Free iOS and Android Apps.
    The official Mobotix iPad/iPhone App provides a professional mobile user interface to your Mobotix S15 and other Mobotix home automation cameras and door stations, and includes the ability to access both live and recorded video and audio, and control associated doors, gates, or home automation controlled lighting. When using your S15 as a high-end custom door station, or when using Android devices, you may use the FREE MxBell Android (or iOS) Apps.

  • Go to Free Mobotix iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch App page.

  • Free professional video management software.
    MxManagementCenter software is free, whether you use Mobotix S15 home automation cameras or other Mobotix technology, and regardless of how many IP cameras comprise your home automation surveillance system. Free MxManagementCenter software far exceeds the standard of traditional video management systems, and may be used with Mobotix and non-Mobotix IP cameras.

  • Free Mobotix MxManagementCenter Software for Mobotix home automation IP cameras

  • The Mobotix edge.
    On top of all of the above benefits, you also get to enjoy the other unique and important benefits that make Mobotix the No. 1 manufacturer of 6MP IP cameras in the world.

  • Mx6 Series Versions.
    The Mobotix S15 home automation cameras are now also available in new Mx6 Series versions: the Mobotix S16 dual Flexmount camera, and the Mobotix S26 single Flexmount camera. These Mx6 Series home automation cameras look the same from the outside, but use a more powerful dual-core CPU to deliver up to twice as many images per second at the same resolution, or to support additional in-camera software for applications like license plate capture, for example. These new Mx6 Series Mobotix home automation cameras also support an integrated H.264 encoder and follow the ONVIF standard for video transmission and camera integration, which may simplify integration of Mobotix home automation cameras in some larger systems though they also still support the unique Mobotix MxPEG codec which remains a superior compression format for storing clearer individual frames for surveillance applications. An MxBus interface is not currently supported on the new Mobotix Mx6 Series cameras, but is expected to be supported on future hardware versions.

  • Available in Australia from Clever Home with Australian warranty support.
    A premium quality device like the Mobotix S15 home automation camera is capable of being configured in a wide range of ways, and should be programmed and fine-tuned by someone trained and experienced. As with any high quality home automation component, you may achieve greater value by asking a Clever Home automation Engineer to professionally design and program your Mobotix S15 IP camera system - either as a superb quality standalone home surveillance system, or as an integrated part of a larger home automation solution.

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